Emily Steers

Emily began her musical career very early in her youth by participating in her children’s choir. Although her family is a musical one, opera was a fairly new experience for them to explore, and they were more than happy to learn about it alongside Emily. After having the opportunity to study voice abroad in India, Emily returned to Canada where she is continuing to pursue her musical education at Mount Allison University. With an incredibly in-depth understanding of voice under her belt, Emily has more recently begun to delve into the theatre world; both on stage and behind the scenes! Emily’s shining personality and outstanding positivity always make her fellow cast members feel welcomed and included. She certainly understands that the team of people you’re with in any show is what makes or breaks it. Her recently found passion for the theatrical arts paired with her vast array of musical knowledge will make Emily feel right at home as she joins the Halifax Summer Opera Festival of 2018.

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“I have a lot of admiration for any performers who are innovative and push boundaries with their art, in any genre. Pop, opera, dance, visual art, I love creativity and community and difference.” -Emily Steers

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