Anastasia Pogorelova

Originally from Russia, Pogorelova started playing instruments very early on in her life, and was motivated by her family who is deeply supportive of her career.  This year, she makes her debut with HSOF as Queen of the Night in The Magic Flute. Find out more about The Magic Flute here:

The Magic Flute (Die Zauberflote) (1791)

The 2019 festival

This year, HSOF welcomes over 50 performers from around the world, including many from Nova Scotia and the Maritimes, all of whom underwent competitive auditions. We are excited to introduce Anastasia Pogorelova as a performer this summer!

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Q:  When did you start studying voice? Where are you studying now?

A:  I sang in a choir since I was 4 but my first individual singing lesson happened when I was 12. Then this adventure of discovering the voice abilities has never ended and brought me to Galina Vishnevskaya College of Musical and Theatrical Arts, then to the Gnessiny Russian Academy of Music. Currently I always use help of voice teachers and coaches. I also teach singing for kids and beginners and always feel that this experience is also educational for me.

Q:  What is the best part about starting a new opera?

A:  I think it is a satisfaction of learning and memorizing beautiful music.”

Q: Which non-operatic artwork or piece of culture or history would you like to see become an opera?

A:  “Maybe it is just my recent strong impression but the first thing that came to my mind is Chernobyl, the story of people that suffered because of political interests. Since such details just began to be known to the world, since it is such a dramatic story to speak about, since there is a love line in it, I think it would be a very good material for opera.”

Q: What has been your onstage experience or role that has been the most meaningful, exciting or successful for you? What do you long to do next?

A:  “The roles that I played back in Russia were not that meaningful for me and I have changed a lot with the emigration period. I think it is comparable with what awaits for me in this coming month!”

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