Thanks to all in Toronto!

I’m in the airport on my way home to Nova Scotia. I’d just like to thank all the people who came out and sang for me and Edward Franko Saturday in Toronto. It was wonderful to meet new people and catch up with familiar faces — thank you all so much!

I have a lot of distance applications to enjoy when I get home, and then we have the Halifax auditions this coming Saturday. I hope to begin calling successful participants in a week, and as roles are accepted, we’ll post them on this site.

Thanks so much,


Thanks to all London auditioners!

Ed Franko, the director of Little Women, and I had a great time in London this afternoon listening to four hours of wonderful singers 🙂 Thanks to everyone who came and sang for us, all the accompanists (and to Judy and Will for coming in and saying “hi”) Special thanks to Torin Chiles for arranging the audition venue, and all the teaching faculty at UWO.

Ed and I can’t wait for the Toronto auditions tomorrow!


More audition times open

We have a few times opened up in Toronto on the 28th.

We’ve just added an earlier hour in London on the 27th.

We’ve extended the dead line for the mail in application until March 8.

Audition times added in London, Ontario

MCO will be hearing auditioners in London, Ontario, on Friday, February 27 at New St James Presbyterian Church on Oxford Street.  Ideally, we’d hear people in the afternoon, finishing about 5 pm.  I’ve added that time and place to the application form.

If you’re interested in a different time in London (or wish to switch your audition from Toronto to London) please contact Marja Ernst at and let her know what times would be best for you. We’ll work something out 🙂