Suor Angelica and Gianni Schicchi (1918)

by G. Puccini

Two one act operas by the greatest opera composer of all time. Tragedy to comedy, suffering to triumph.
In Italian, accompanied by piano.

These are the two best-known one act operas of the trio of operas Puccini wrote called Il Trittico. The works received their world premiere at the Metropolitan Opera on December 14, 1918. Passionate, emotional, tragic and funny by turns, these two gems of Puccini’s oeuvre are Italian to their core!

2016 Production Photos


Creative Team

conductor: Peter Oleskevich
stage director: David Mosey
collaborative pianist: Giancarlo Scalia
stage manager: JoAnna Black
costume designer: Kelsey Stanger
vocal and diction coach: Susan Boddie

Performance Dates and Times

Performances at the Sir James Dunn Theatre at the Dal Arts Centre
(dates and times subject to change)
Saturday, August 6, 7:30 pm
Tuesday, August 9, 7:30 pm
Friday, August 12, 7:30 pm
Sunday, August 14, 2:00 pm

Cast List

RoleAugust 6 and 12August 9 and 14
Suor AngelicaKarina BrayLauren Estey
La PrincepessaCecelia McKinleyBreanna Miller
La BadessaBreanna MillerCecelia McKinley
La ZelatriceEmma BerginVanessa Breijer
La maestra delle novizieZoë GotziamanMeghan Hopkins
Suor GenovieffaZoe-Elizabeth McCrayShafali Jalota
La sorella infermieraMargaret MartinLaura Johnston
Prima sorella cercatriceLauren HalaszJocelyn Molnar
Seconda sorella cercatriceJocelyn MolnarLauren Halasz
La noviziaAbigail SinclairIsabelle Carvalho
Suor DolcinaLaura JohnstonMeagan Adams
Suor OsminaKaterina UtochkinaKaterina Utochkina
Conversa 1Meagan AdamsMargaret Martin
Conversa 2D'Arcy BlunstonDallas Chorley
Gianni SchicchiDomenico SanfilippoDomenico Sanfilippo
LaurettaMelina Garcia Jennifer Sullivan
ZitaMeghan HopkinsKaterina Utochkina
RincuccioRiver GuardRiver Guard
NellaLauren HoneaSimone Hogeveen
GherardinoAbigail SinclairEvan West
GherardoPatrick SimmsPatrick Simms
BettoDominic WilliamsDominic Williams
SimoneAriel LefebvreAriel Lefebvre
MarcoChad QuigleyChad Quigley
La CiescaDallas ChorleyD’Arcy Blunston
Maestra SpinelloccioZoe GotziamanZoe Gotziaman
Amantia di NicolaoEmma BerginEmma Bergin
PinellinoLauren HalaszJocelyn Molnar
GuccioLaura JohnstonLaura Johnston

Synopses of Suor Angelica and Gianni Schicchi

Sister Angelica, a Florentine noblewoman, has been compelled by her family to retreat to a convent in Siena, following a youthful sin, and for seven years has in vain been waiting tidings from her family or friends. The abbess announces that Angelica’s aunt, the Princess, has come to call on her and warns her to be full of submission and humility in her conversation with the old lady. The Princess coldly tells Angelica that she has come in order that she may sign a certain act of release which is made necessary by the coming wedding of the nun’s younger sister. She adds that one course of action only is open to Angelica, and that course is lifelong expiation.

Finally, in answer to Angelica’s question, the Princess informs her that her child, “the baby whom she had seen and kissed only once,” had died two years previously. Thereupon Angelica, seized by a sudden frenzy, concocts a poison and seeks suicide. Seized by remorse at her act, she implores the Virgin not to let her die in mortal sin, and then a miracle takes place. The Mother of Comfort suddenly appears on the threshold of the little church, enveloped in celestial radiance; a blonde child walks in front of the Virgin, who, with a gesture of ineffable benevolence, gently pushes the the boy into the arms of his dying mother, while a choir of nuns and angels sings welcome to her.

Buoso Donati’s relations are anxious about the property he may have left them in his will, which they search for and find, revealing that, as they had feared, Buoso Donati had left everything to a monastery. Rinuccio, who hopes to marry Lauretta, daughter of Gianni Schicchi, suggests that the latter should be called, for whatever help he can give. After due consideration, he proposes taking the place of the dead man, convincing the doctor, speaking from behind the bed-curtains, and a lawyer, who draws up a new will, making smaller bequests to the family, but leaving the major properties to himself, threatening the family with legal penalties if they reveal anything, since they have all been party to the fraud. Rinuccio is now free to marry Lauretta.

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