Taka Komagata

Hailing from Tokyo, Japan, Taka experienced an early childhood that was chalk-full of theatre and opera. Both of his parents were Shakespearean actors, and his sister is a successful musical theatre actress in Japan. His family was one of the greatest contributing factors that gave Taka his love for opera, and they continue to be a point of inspiration for him as he moves forward with his musical career.

Taka had his first vocal coaching session in the first grade and is continuing his rigorous education while attending the Longy School of Music of Bard College in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The opportunity to have received education in both Japan and America has given Taka a wonderful perspective on the importance of diversity in operas today. Taka’s experience coupled with his energetic personality will provide for an outstanding addition to our 2018 cast. We are excited to have you onboard!

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“We all are different. We all have different backgrounds, different life stories. I believe if you can connect a role with your personal, deep, and real emotion, you can give a life to a role. Sometimes we have to express what we have never experienced before.” -Taka Komagata

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