Koosha Khorramian

Originally from Iran, Khorramian is an operatic tenor who took music lessons in Iran before moving to Nova Scotia where he is now furthering his musical knowledge. This year, he will be returning to HSOF as Hoffmann, in The Tales of Hoffmann, of course! Find out more about The Tales of Hoffmann here:

Les contes d’Hoffmann (Tales of Hoffmann) (1881)


The 2019 festival

This year, HSOF welcomes over 50 performers from around the world, including many from Nova Scotia and the Maritimes, all of whom underwent competitive auditions. We are excited to introduce Koosha Khorramian as a performer this summer!

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Q:  When did you start studying voice? Where are you studying now?

A:  I started to sing in choir 12 years ago. Recently, I have been studying voice for three years with my mentor, Jason Davis, at the Maritime Conservatory of Performing Arts and more recently have been working with Tara Scott as both repertoire coach and collaborative pianist. Previously,I also studied voice for one year with Ardalan Jabbari in Iran.

Q:  What is the best part about starting a new opera?

A:  It is always very exciting to learn a new role. However, I found that studying a new character and trying to feel the way character feels is the most exciting part. Creating the feelings that are embedded inside the music, making choices that sometimes are just live and are made at the moment based on the mode of the character, interacting with other singers on stage, and the music itself which express the thoughts of the character are so powerful that make you stay connected to the character and live another life on stage.

Q: What came first for you: theatre or music? Has your preference changed over time?

A:  “First, definitely music came to me. Over time, the choices I made in singing are affected by the theatrical component of opera. The difference is very considerable in term of feelings and emotions when I sing on stage of opera and there is acting component in comparison to singing in concerts or solo. The theatrical part give a new soul to the singing part and enhance the impact of the performance I believe. “

Q: What has been your onstage experience or role that has been the most meaningful, exciting or successful for you? What do you long to do next?

A:  “One of the most exciting experiences of my life was performing as Don Jose in Bizet’s Carmen with HSOF in 2017 season. That was my first stage experience. I am really proud that I sang with HSOF, the team was very professional and all colleagues were quiet supportive so that I felt very convenient at the time of performance. I am very excited for singing as Hoffmann with them this time. I am sure that this adventure would be full of joy and excitement.”

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