Olivia LaPointe

LaPointe loved singing and performing for as long as she could remember. In fact, she started studying classical voice when she was in middle school! This year, she is joining HSOF as a soprano, and is playing the role of Antonia in The Tales of Hoffmann. Find out more about The Tales of Hoffmann here:

Les contes d’Hoffmann (Tales of Hoffmann) (1881)


The 2019 festival

This year, HSOF welcomes over 50 performers from around the world, including many from Nova Scotia and the Maritimes, all of whom underwent competitive auditions. We are excited to introduce Olivia LaPointe as a performer this summer!

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Q:  When did you start studying voice? Where are you studying now?

A:  I first began studying voice when I was 13 years old. I have always loved to sing and perform, and pursuing a degree in voice has exceeded my expectations in so many ways. I am going into my fourth year at the University of Toronto for a Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance with my wonderful teacher Frédérique Vézina. I have had incredible experiences and opportunities and have met countless wonderful mentors and colleagues.

Q:  What has been your onstage experience or role that has been the most meaningful, exciting or successful for you? What do you long to do next?

A:  It seems impossible to choose a favourite role because I enjoy the challenge of embodying a variety of complex characters. However, one that stands out is when I played the title role in Theatre New Brunswick’s musical production of Mary Poppins. Having the opportunity to portray an iconic character like Mary Poppins was an unforgettable experience. I so loved being a part of bringing to life this beloved story that encapsulates a sense of child-like wonder in people of all ages.

Q:  You are about to arrive in Halifax for the festival. Can you set the stage for us? What are some projects you have been working on recently? What are your emotions going into production? How have you been preparing for your work? What are your fears/expectations?

A:  “Earlier this summer, I was in Edmonton, Alberta participating in Opera NUOVA. I performed in their mainstage production of The Secret Garden as Lily, and had the opportunity to sing in masterclasses and concerts. I am so looking forward to being in the beautiful city of Halifax and to have the opportunity to work and collaborate with multi-talented artists. This will be my first time at the Halifax Summer Opera Festival, so I am a bit nervous but mostly full of anticipation for a new performing experience!”

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