1st week

Let me just start by saying that this has been an intense week for all of us at HSOW. Great kick-start to what will be an intense month for all of us. Excellent master-classes, excellent rehearsals, excellent everything! I just really need to express hoy joyful I am for being here. That being said, let me get into more detail.

The second day we started our Acting classes with Steven Bourque. We did exercises focusing on what our bodies can do. So many movements possible, yet so many of us are kind of stiff when it comes to singing (especially me!). We had explorations on a short, simple text, which was fun. We also did movements with words, and that was funny to do and to watch! I specifically had the word “Bumblebee”, and really had fun with that word. I really enjoyed all the acting classes.

As we entered our first acting classes, we also began our series of master classes. The master classes we had this week were offered by Lenard Whiting, Jessica McCormack, Nina Scott-Stoddart and Anthony Radford, in which I had the privilege to sing. I have to say that being surrounded by so much talent here at HSOW honors me. There are so many amazing voices. And the teachers offering the master classes were really great, as well. I’ve learned so many things (or actually, heard things I’ve already known, but in a new perspective!). Speaking from my own master class, I had a blast singing “Una furtiva lagrima” (one of may favorite tenor arias), but I was really cold. I’m not sure if it was because I was nervous, but I was the coldest I’ve ever been. But I really learned a lot. Now, something I’m not used to is having so many people congratulating me, complimenting my performance. I get so bashful when someone comes up to me and says “You did a great job! Beautiful voice!” At times, I don’t know what to say, so I say thank you, but still feeling that it is not enough for all the kind words I’ve received. The people surrounding me are really great, not only talent-wise, but also personally. So polite, so welcoming. I’m really having a blast.

So today was our day off. I went to see the tall ships with Sabrina Romero and Alex Wilson. I had fish & chips for the 1st time. It was really good! Then we had ice cream at Cow’s, the best ice cream in the world! It really is… I also had Poutine! I’m really checking things off of my Canadian To-do list! When I came back, I was going to take a nap, but instead I started facebooking, and about 10 or 15 minutes, received a text message from Rachel Wood inviting to Salty’s, as Allison Mills had invited me the day before. So I put my shoes back on and walked down. Since I had eaten so much, I decided I’d just go to hang out… ended up ordering a Cajun Chicken Salad (not into seafood…), and a white sangria. It was really good! Then, most of the group wanted to eat ice cream at Cow’s, but I couldn’t possibly do so again. Instead, I headed on home.

Now, I’m in my room, thinking about this next week. If the first week was intense, I can only imagine how intense things will become. Really looking forward to it! Rehearsing with such talented people, master classes. I’m having a great time.

See you soon!

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