Headshots by Manuel Schnell

I have the pleasure of knowing Manuel Schnell, who has just joined Maritime Concert Opera as a Board member. Manuel is a busy international photographer who has recently relocated to Nova Scotia and he has generously offered a special deal to anyone connected with HSOW who would like a new headshot taken.

Here’s the deal:

Photo shoot (Manuel prefers to work outside and in black and white) scheduled after his return from Montreal July 10.
You get your choice of two photos from the shoot, with or without white border and name (post production tweaking included in the package price)
You’ll get the digital files so you can print copies yourself.
If you want any extra shots from the shoot (beyond the two included in this package) they will be $50 each
Any other extras are negotiable.

I’m not going to publish the price here, because it’s a special, one-time deal for HSOW participants. Contact us for more info 🙂

You can see many examples of Manuel’s work at his website

If you’re interested in booking some time with Manuel, please email our Admin Assistant Marja Ernst, and she’ll keep track of who’s interested.

(By the way, HSOW doesn’t get a cut of this, or anything — it’s just that I thought that some people might be interested in getting new headshots taken during the programme.

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