Announcing HSOW “Extras” for 2013

At HSOW, we strive to keep your tuition low, and realize that many programs charge far more than participants can afford to spend, especially as attending one usually means giving up on a summer job. Unfortunately, this means that our budgets are quite limited, and we can only afford to provide so many services.

However, we also realize that you may be able to afford more than the base tuition. If this is the case, you may wish to take advantage of our list of ‘extra’ offerings, which can be purchased separately from your base HSOW tuition.

Please comment and tell us what you think of our extras, and let us know if there is anything else you would like to see added to the list!


Stagecraft 101 Classes:
Taught by Nina Scott-Stoddart and Ed Franko during the first two weeks of the workshop, these classes are designed to introduce you to the basic stagecraft that all actors and singers should know: starting with the basics of working on stage with Ed and leading to how to act for singers with Nina. Through the use of group exercises and libretto work students will get coaching and feedback to help them bring authenticity to their performances.

Vocal Coaching:
Each of our productions has an associated Vocal Coach, with whom you will work for for the first two weeks of the workshop. During the first two days, they will sit in on the music rehearsals, see where you are vocally, and determine where you most need work. Later, you will have two one half hour sessions working on what they deem most necessary to enable you to perform your role to your fullest potential.

HSOW offers a variety of masterclasses, from diction and singing to acting and auditioning. You are encouraged to attend all masterclasses, and are guaranteed one masterclass performance slot.

Provided you come with your role well rehearsed and memorized, you will perform in two performances of your show’s production, and may be asked to sing in our “A Night at the Opera” (public concert) or “Thanks from HSOW” (private concert for fundraisers, sponsors, and donors) concerts.


Alexander Technique:
Series of nine 45 minute classes: $90
For the sum of $90, you can attend a series of nine structured Alexander Technique classes offered during the first two weeks of our workshop.  These are offered by Tasha Miller of Alexander Technique Atlantic, who is also a singer, and has taught Alexander Technique for over 20 years. Classes will be held at the Dalhousie Arts Centre, and private one-on-one tuition is available should you wish to continue your studies following the first two weeks of classes.

Waltzing 101:
Two one hour classes: $25
Every opera singer should know the basics of dancing, and the waltz is one of the most used in the operatic field. Join Andrew Pelrine as he offers two one hour workshops in this fun and useful form of dance. The cost is only $25 to participate. This will be especially beneficial for those in A Little Night Music.

Vocal Coaching:
2 extra coaching sessions:  $70
4 extra coaching sessions:  $120
8 extra coaching sessions:  $200

You are guaranteed two half hour vocal coachings with your production’s vocal coach as part of your base tuition. However, should you wish to continue with more in-depth vocal coachings, you can purchase one of our extra vocal coaching packages. These come in quantities of two, four, and eight, and each session is one half hour of vocal coaching. When you sign up to for one of these packages, please specify whether you would like to exclusively study with your production’s vocal coach, or whether you would like the chance to study with any of HSOW’s other fine coaches as well

Advanced Vocal or Dramatic Studies:
Book an extra slot with one of our guest masterclass leaders. These have very limited availability, so please book early to avoid disappointment! Their rates will vary.

Lorna MacDonald – voice
Jessica McCormack – voice
Andrew Pickett – voice
Anthony Radford – voice and acting
Nina Scott-Stoddart – acting
Edward Franko – acting
Lucy Hayes-Davis – voice and diction


Should you be accepted into HSOW, you will be sent a form detailing these extras in your acceptance package, and you can choose to opt in or not.  Have any questions?  Email Marja

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