The Prairie Perspective #3 — Learn

Dear friends, This past week has been quite an adventure for me, and I want to share my struggles and triumphs with you. In every new city one encounters that there are unspoken rules, local ways of doing things that you can only become familiar with in time. There are also natural rules that change […]

The Prairie Perspective #2 — Wander

Dear friends, It’s been only been a week and already I’m a year older! For real though, I was fortunate enough to spend my birthday (last Thursday) here, in Halifax. And amazingly enough, they were blocking the scenes I’m not in that day! So, I was able to start my birthday with yoga and an […]

The Prairie Perspective #1 — Say hello

Hello my new friends, My name is Chelsea, and because you are reading this, we are pretty much friends now…so you can call me Chels! The folks here at HSOW had this amazing idea to get guest bloggers from the program to share their experiences with the all-encompassing internet, and I am one such blogger. […]