The Prairie Perspective #1 — Say hello

Hello my new friends,

My name is Chelsea, and because you are reading this, we are pretty much friends now…so you can call me Chels! The folks here at HSOW had this amazing idea to get guest bloggers from the program to share their experiences with the all-encompassing internet, and I am one such blogger.

I thought I’d tell you a bit about myself to ease you in. Maybe a dash about why I’m here, a pinch about why I’m excited, and a splash about my first couple days in Halifax.

Hailing from the Prairie city of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, I have heard nothing but good things and praise for HSOW. Things like “the friendliest environment; a safe space in which to be creative and learn a role; a great faculty; and a beautiful city.” Today was my first day of the workshop and my third day in Halifax, and I can give you my Prairie word, it’s all true! And that right there, my friends, is why I’m excited.

I arrived on a balmy Saturday afternoon to smiling faces. I believe you can always tell the character of a city by the airport that serves it. I smiled right back feeling like all these strangers could be my friends if I just said hello. And say hello, I did! ….later that night, anyway…
After arriving at my hospitable accommodations, I did what any Prairie born girl would do on the coast: go looking for seafood. What I got was the best of both worlds: an all-day breakfast diner with local, fresh seafood. What more could I ask for?! A nap and some Haddock later, I waltzed over to the Waterfront and followed my ears to the last night of the Halifax Jazz Festival. People swaying to the Latin rhythms and enjoying locally brewed beverages made me want to join in. So I did, and man was it some good music!

After my long walk home, still giddy with Latin Jazz buzzing in my ears, I saw four of my neighbors enjoying some drinks on this sultry evening surrounded by candlelight on their porch. Because this is something I don’t see too often, I did it! I said hello. Well, a couple hours and some great conversations later, I made some new friends.

Because I said hello, they showed me the town the next day: local-style. Surfing, canoeing and eating like a local gave me the perfect introduction to my time at HSOW.

After saying hello to the whole group today and our first music rehearsals (which humbled me to my core to see what kind of talent I get to sing with), I know this is going to be an amazing month. I already enjoy the smiling faces from future friends, colleagues and strangers alike here in Halifax. All I can say is that I’m blessed to be here and can’t wait to see how this month unfolds!

For the sake of my blog theme today and because I love the Beetles… I don’t know why I’d say goodbye, so I’ll say hello:
Welcome to HSOW 2012!!!!


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