The first post that I post

Hi internet people,

This is my first blog post for HSOW, pretty exciting stuff.  So here’s a little bit about me to get the whole thing rolling.  Let’s begin with how I ended up staying here in Halifax for the next month:

When I didn’t know how I would spend my summer back in the winter, I spent a few weeks leafing through YAP Tracker trying to find a workshop that programmed Britten’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” specifically, so I could audition for the role of Bottom and hopefully get cast to do the whole thing.  I found HSOW, sent in a tape, had fortune thrown my way, and signed on to play Bottom: part-time weaver, part time donkey (full-time ass[1]).

Okay, that’s that.  How about some background about myself so you can get some perspective on my, well, perspective.  I grew up in Los Angeles, California, specifically Pacific Palisades.  For anyone who has been to southern California, it’s more or less between Santa Monica and Malibu.  If neither of those places give you a point of reference, then you won’t know the precise location of my childhood and, while you may feel a vague sense of lacking as you try to understand where I’m coming from, you probably won’t because exact location really isn’t that important.  I spent years going to a few schools (pre-school, elementary school, and high school) before heading off to Peabody, in Baltimore MD where I’m currently a student. I have parents, an older brother and a medium/small white/brown spitz-type dog who passes the time sleeping and barking loudly, a lot.  She’s from Iceland, her name is Gigja. We didn’t know to pronounce it either for the first few months.

That’s probably enough for now.  It could have been too much. Maybe it isn’t enough, but what more could you want to know, dear reader?

To give you an idea of what to expect from these posts (is that really fair? I don’t think I know what to expect from these posts), I’ll probably stop the personal history there, unless things come up that relate in some way.

Bottom line (that better be the first and last pun), I’ll be relaying the experiences during my time here in Halifax in one written form or another for anyone that’s interested to read.

Much love,


[1] Please don’t misread that to be a knock at Bottom.  I mean it with the utmost love and affection for the guy.

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