Rejuvenating Halifax and First Impressions

Fellow Fruitful and Growing Human Beings of the World,

I hope the Halifax air has been seeping into your lungs and rejuvenating you, as much as it has me.  I touched down on maritime soil at around 11:30pm on July 15th for the Halifax Summer Opera Workshop, and walking off the plane I was graced by the hospitality out here that I have heard so much about.  What I mean; some gentle soul that I met on the plane over, who was also to be in HSOW, told me she was getting a ride from the airport into Halifax and graciously offered me passage.  I found out then that Halifax Airport was is indeed 42kms from Dalhousie, which would explain why the cab fair would be $55!  My wee Toronto mind could not handle that! Thank goodness for the goodwill of others.  Keeping with that humble tradition, I have written my bio in the third person, because somehow—in my mind—whenever I write about myself in first person, my internal voice makes me sound pompous.  So, here are a few truths about me.

When Phillip Rego isn’t dangling from the silks in the circus tent, forty feet in the air while nearly plummeting to his death for fun, he is engaged in his local community of Toronto by creating, organizing, and facilitating emerging leadership programs with York University.  He tends to be a thoughtful and boisterous fellow who finds release on stage; and was recently in a physical theatre production of Tennessee Williams’ The Glass Menagerie. This upcoming year he will be he will be completing a graduate certificate in corporate communications, and then later pursuing his Masters in Student Affairs at New York University.

Twitter? @phillrego

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