Tales of Lane III

Hello! I am sorry for the delay! We have been very busy and guess what! We have now run the show 4 times in 24 hours! Crazy, no? I cannot believe the amount we have accomplished in these last two weeks. It’s incredible. ANY Everyone has been spending countless hours getting their music and lines […]

Tales of Lane: Act II

Here we are again! ANY When I last left you, we had just begun staging. Well, after another long day in the shop, we bring you another completed act! Hooray! This show is coming together so quickly! It’s madness, I tell you! ANY Staging is going well! There are so many fascinating concepts coming together […]

Tales of Lane: A Study in Operatic Rehearsal

ANY Alrighty! Hello, hello hello! Ok, I apologize if the formatting ends up being weird when I publish this, I am totally flying by the seat of my pants here and will try to get things ironed out by my next blog. ANY It’s getting late so I am going to keep it short and […]