Tales of Lane III

I am sorry for the delay! We have been very busy and guess what! We have now run the show 4 times in 24 hours! Crazy, no? I cannot believe the amount we have accomplished in these last two weeks. It’s incredible.


Everyone has been spending countless hours getting their music and lines and blocking together and it just keeps on getting better and better. It’s getting to a point where I am concerned I may have peaked too soon, but we have a 2 day break and I am sure when I come back from that I will be feeling good and fresh again. 🙂 You have to come see this show. Seriously. It’s going to be awesome! I’m totally psyched.


Anyway, as Karianne mentioned, on our last day off we went whale watching, and, to our dismay, there was a severe lack of whales. We did, however, get to go on a beautiful boat ride and see the coast of Halifax and surrounding areas as well as some brave souls held a lobster. His name was Larry, I asked. I wasn’t so much about holding Larry, but I did throw bread off the back of the boat to the seagulls who went NUTS. It was pretty awesome. I will attach some pictures of the brave lobster holders. Apart from singing, I also enjoy taking photographs.


Thank you for reading and I will try to update again sooner rather than later!


Until next time,

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