Halifax Summer Opera Festival announces Scenes Program


I’m working my way through our offers to folks who auditioned for us both in person and by distance applications, and as usual I’m overwhelmed by the quality of the applicants.  I wish I had roles for everyone who has applied!

While talking about this situation with Memorial University of Newfoundland professor Caroline Schiller, we go onto the topic of opera scenes programs. HSOW ran a really successful opera scenes show in 2009 which ended up being a really positive experience for all concerned, and we had been thinking of ways of offering a similar sort of experience.

So between Caroline, Acadia’s Paula Rockwell and Marja and me we’ve come up with the HSOF Scenes Program!

This will be an intensive two week long workshop which will give young singers a chance to explore and develop in a really safe and supportive environment and at a great price. We’ll be making offers to those who applied for HSOF for whom we couldn’t find a place in the four week program.

Dates:  July 21 to August 3 2014
Performances on Saturday August 2 and Sunday August 3
All roles single cast.

$750 fee for the two week workshop.

Directors: Paula Rockwell and Caroline Schiller
Music Director: Eric Charbonneau
Stage Manager: TBA
Guest stage directors:  Nina Scott-Stoddart, David Mosey, Joel Ivany, Tony Radford

For more details, see the Scenes Workshop page!

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