Possible problem with some applications …

Right now, we hate Eastlink, a major ISP out here in Nova Scotia.  Marja, our Admin Assistant, (who handles all the hundreds of audition requests) had her email address deleted for two days last week. She hasn’t been able to recover any messages sent to her while Eastlink was behaving so foolishly. Everything’s working fine now, but if you haven’t received your audition time and you sent in an application, please try it again.  We’re so sorry about this!

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  1. Hello Marja,
    I sent an application but do not know if it was when you had problems or not? I cannot remember the day I filled out the online application. Today, March 8, I sent my audition stuff via email. Please let me know if I need to fill out another online application.

    Thank you.
    Tracie Brook


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