Week #2 has ended… C’mon, week #3!!! Let’s do this!

So, another week has gone by, with many new experiences; some good, others not so good. For example, last Tuesday, I woke up with a super migraine, that I stumbled upon my own feet walking to the washroom. The lights in the hallway were so painful; every little noise was so painful. It was horrible! All I wanted to do was go back to bed and forget about everything. But I had to go to rehearsal. So I went, did my job, and people were kind enough to let me go early (thanks Bonnie, Jen and Tessa!). It really wasn’t my day. Good things: we basically staged “Gisela in her bathtub” and “The Harpies” completely! Everything is coming along so well. A few mistakes here and there, but each time we run through the shows, they are less and less than before.

On Thursday, as I was entering Dal Arts Centre, this man, one I had never seen before, comes to me and asks me if that was the building where the operas were being rehearsed. I said yes. He asked my name, and I told him. Immediately, he said: “Sacco?”… I was kind of freaked out… Sacco? What is Sacco? And in a matter of seconds, I remember… Sacco is the tenor role from Sacco and Vanzetti, the opera by Marc Blitzstein and completed by Leonard Lehrman, where “With a woman to be” (the aria I would perform in the American Aria Recital) is from. So I said: “Yes”. Then he said: “Why, hello! I’m Leonard Lehrman”. So I had just met the composer. I kindly showed him where we were all rehearsing, and he started telling me so many stories about the opera, about Blitzstein, about his wife, about everything. Then we had him sitting in our rehearsal for “The Harpies”, by Blitzstein as well. He gave us some notes here and there.

That same afternoon, I would have my coaching time with him. I was a bit scared, because there some parts of the aria were kind of difficult, and didn’t want to make mistakes. Contrary to what I expected, the coaching went well. He encouraged me to keep on working, and helped me a lot in the difficult areas. He only had the nicest words for me. Then, at night was his master class, which had an extra visitor: soprano Helene Williams, his wife. They both guided each participant in the master class.

On Friday, we had our rehearsal for the American Aria Recital. Boy, was that rehearsal long! Especially for those of us who had an ensemble piece with somebody from the cast of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, by Benjamin Britten. As soon as I got out, I went directly to bed, as I knew the next day would be long.

So the first day of run-throughs came. Everything went pretty well in my opinion. As I said before, a few things here and there, but we managed to work through all of the One Act Operas. It was also the first time I heard “Riders to the sea” and “Thyrsis and Amaranth”. Beautiful music! But Riders is so depressing… What opera is all about! =D Then, at night we had our American Aria Recital at Peggy Corkum Music Room. The participants were: Nicholas Fuqua, Jeremy Hirsch, Nicole Smith, Laura Noack, Will Ford, Erin Passmore, Allison Mills, Max Zander, Kelsey Vicary, Rachel Wood, Alexander Wilson, Nina Scott-Stoddart, Helene Williams, Dr. Leonard Lehrman, and ME! =D I have to say that we all were great! So much talent! I was really happy and pleased with how great we all were. I was especially happy because I was able to sing those high B flats without my voice cracking! =D

Today… Well, today I woke up almost at noon, headed down to Smitty’s for breakfast, went to Bookmark to see some, well, books, Starbucks for a frapuccino, a little walk in the Public Gardens (yes, again… They’re so beautiful! I’d happily live there if I could!) and dinner at Smitty’s (yes, again) and now I’m sitting in room writing this blog entry, while I listen to Fantasia Barrino’s “Collard greens and cornbread”. I don’t know why I love this song so much! And her voice kinda gets on my nerves, but I like it… Mixed emotions…

So what happens now? Production week! Hectic rehearsals! Yay! Can’t wait! (No, I’m not being sarcastic) This is the week when the magic happens. I just want to wish everybody a great time in this next week! See ya!

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