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The starboard cast of Little Women
The starboard cast of Little Women - photo by Nick Pearce

You don’t have to have read Louisa May Alcott’s 1868 novel Little Women to enjoy Mark Adamo’s 1998 opera that’s based on it. However, you may well be inspired to read it after you see it—the moving and vivid portrayal of family strikes all the right chords and is a reminder of what’s really important in life. Valerie Beck as Jo, the stubborn and feisty sister who clings to the past, carries the weight of the show on her shoulders, and what capable shoulders she has! She is supported by a marvelous cast, including Stefan Fehr as Laurie, whose lovely voice I’d love to carry in my pocket for rainy days. Don’t be afraid that this is “modern” opera. The music is surprising lyrical and catchy enough that you’ll be humming it for days. –Kate Watson

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