What will I get from HSOF that I can’t get somewhere else?

At HSOF we focus on each participant as an individual artist. It sounds corny, but we really mean it. There are many places you can go to study with higher profile faculty or to work with orchestra. What we do is give you all the support you need to grow, to take risks, to expand and to develop as a total performing artist.

We emphasize dramatic and stage skills at HSOF. Whatever level you arrive at, we’ll challenge you to go further.

HSOF is also one of the most truly supportive environments out there. Again and again our participating artists tell us that this workshop is one where they feel at home, comfortable and safe, free to grow and explore. There are no stars at HSOF, only artists, each of whom strives, at their own level, to get better and to support each other.

And we offer this experience at a price you can afford.

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