What’s new for 2018?

In 2018 our goal is to add extra orchestral musicians to each show, as our budget allows. In 2017 we had cello and two violins along with harpsichord to accompany the Cavalli (and we hope to do as well this coming year with the Monteverdi) and we added harp and percussion to the piano for the Benjamin Britten (we intend to perform Midsummer Night’s Dream with harp and piano). We’re going to try to add strings to the Mozart this year, as well!

We’ll have three special concerts — an Opera Backwards concert to celebrate Halifax Pride, a Cabaret concert and an evening exploring settings of W. H. Auden’s poetry. We may also present a regular noon hour concert series.

We’ll only have four masterclasses over the course of the entire workshop and only singers who don’t sing arias as part of their assigned roles will perform at them. This will free up a lot more time for other rehearsals or just down time.  Nina will choose the masterclass participants herself.


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