Last Day… :(

This past week has really been intense! I have to start with my story about the Potluck at Andrew’s on Natal Day. That day, I decided I’d make what Rachel ingeniously called a “Marshmallow Salad”, so I had to go to the grocery store to get the ingredients. I had planned out to go with […]

End of 3rd week… Last week! :(

So many things to say about such an important week! This past week was the hectic week of dress rehearsals, costume fittings, fight calls, you name it… It was a pretty busy week, but I always managed to do things outside of the schedule. On Monday, I went to get sushi with Phil, Rachel and […]

Week #2 has ended… C’mon, week #3!!! Let’s do this!

So, another week has gone by, with many new experiences; some good, others not so good. For example, last Tuesday, I woke up with a super migraine, that I stumbled upon my own feet walking to the washroom. The lights in the hallway were so painful; every little noise was so painful. It was horrible! […]

1st week

Let me just start by saying that this has been an intense week for all of us at HSOW. Great kick-start to what will be an intense month for all of us. Excellent master-classes, excellent rehearsals, excellent everything! I just really need to express hoy joyful I am for being here. That being said, let […]

First day of HSOW!

          Hi! My name is Pedro Arroyo, and I am a lyric tenor from Morovis/Vega Baja, Puerto Rico. I am 27 years old and am about to finish my BM in Voice Performance at the Puerto Rico Conservatory of Music, under the tutelage of lyric soprano Zoraida López. How did I get here? How did […]