Canadian mezzo-soprano Adrienne Deering: featured performer at the 2017 Halifax Summer Opera Festival

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Mrs Herring in Britten’s Albert Herring

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“I took piano lessons from when I was 5 until I was 17 and I was obsessed with any listening to and singing any kind of music (anyone else learn how to spell banana from Gwen Stefani?)”

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Where are you from? How did you first get interested in opera or musical theatre? 

I’m from Port de Grave, Newfoundland! It’s a tiny little town around an hour outside of St. John’s. I first got interested in opera/classical music in general when I was very little. On Saturday mornings before ballet class I would turn on those galaxy music channels on my tv and dance to the music. When any opera would come on I thought it was hilarious and would try singing along to it. The musical theatre bug hit me when we took a trip to New York with our choir to sing in Carnegie Hall and the first show I saw was Wicked (I cried…). My family enjoys going to see musicals all the time but I don’t think they’ve seen any opera. I have the most encouraging family (and community) in the whole world! Thanks everyone!!

When did you start studying voice? Where are you studying now?

I started voice lessons when I was 6 and started classically training when I was 16. I then went to Mount Allison and did the first two years of my Bachelor of Music there and I just transferred to Memorial University back home to finish the rest of it.

What came first for you, theatre or music?

Music for sure came first. I took piano lessons from when I was 5 until I was 17 and I was obsessed with any listening to and singing any kind of music (anyone else learn how to spell banana from Gwen Stefani?). Theatre started maybe when I was 12 when we had drama classes in school.

What are your dream roles?

I have to say my dream role is Carmen, I love singing French music and her character is so perfect in every way. For musical theatre my dream role would have to be Elphaba, I belt out Defying Gravity every time I’m in the car alone and I’m sure the people outside can hear me sometimes.

 What arias, songs or entire roles belonging to other voice types would you like to perform?

I loved Don Giovanni when I saw it at the movie theatre last year and I would love to play Donna Elvira or Zerlina. They’re both such different characters but I love them both.

Who are your favourite performing artists?

Renee Fleming, Barbra Streisand, Adele, Joyce DiDonato are some that I love, I saw Adele and Barbra Streisand in concert this past year and cried both times.

What’s the most embarrassing song on your phone/tablet/streaming playlist?

Oh god, I have too many. I have every single genre of music on my phone. You want Disney? I have it. You want country? I have that too. I even have children’s music which I think is the most embarrassing. Back when I first got my iPod nano I thought it would be the cool thing to have Pants on the Ground and The Duck Song (you know the one from YouTube) on my phone… Hitting shuffle on my phone is a gamble.

What are you most looking forward to about this summer?

I’m really looking forward to spending a month in one of my favourite cities! And I’m excited to meet new people and share this amazing experience with everyone.

Thanks, Adrienne!

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