Bios updated


I just finished bringing the bios up to date for 2007 participants — you can check them out on our HSOW Bio Pages.  (That’s Francesca Perez’s gorgeous self up there — she was one of our Third Ladies last year …)

If you’re a HSOW participant you can edit your bio or photo at any time — just register as a user and then reply to the email that the system will send you. Then you’ll be able to go into your bio and upload a new photo or edit the text.

(If you need any help, just drop me a line)


Videos on their way

I’ve just bought a new computer, so I will be hard at work getting the DVDs and CDs for the 2007 Workshop produced.  I have complete videos of Magic Flute (both casts) and Cesare (Starboard cast) — unfortunately I only have a partial tape for Cesare’s Port cast (it’s missing the last 30 minutes — and I’m very sorry about this) but I have complete sound recordings for everyone.

I’ll be producing these on my new iMac … I am a happy, happy girl!

HSOW 2007 is over!

Tara and Nina would like to thank all the participants in HSOW 2007 for their hard work, creativity, patience and talent.  We had a phenomenally successful season by any standards!  The expansion of the program to two shows worked very well, all things considered, and we’ll be looking to get your feedback about the program so that we can improve things for next year.

We love all our peeps — have fun this year, wherever you go, and remember that we’re rooting for you!