HSOW is proud to announce our new Internship Program!

At HSOW, we want to support not only our singers and performers, but production personnel as well.   For our 2013 season, we are proud to support internships in collaborative piano, stage directing, stage management, arts administration and publicity.

An internship is an excellent stepping stone to bridge the gap between training and a career.  These positions are unpaid, but offer hands on, practical, meaningful experience in your discipline all in a supportive and non-exploitative environment.

July 22nd – August 18th, 2013

Internships are available for the following positions:

Collaborative Pianists
If you have a real interest in working with opera singers, experience accompanying singers and are a very proficient sight reader, this position may be for you. As a key member of the musical team, you will be assigned to coachings, repetiteur work, and accompanying masterclasses or one of the extra concerts and events. This is a great way to get the experience to supplement your education in collaborative piano.

Assistant Directors (July 22 – August 9)
You will be assigned to one of the three shows and given opportunities to assist and observe our directors at work as well as potentially being given hands-on time actually directing, depending on your experience and aptitude.

Assistant Stage Managers
You will be assigned to one of the three operas and will work closely with the Stage Manager for that opera, gaining hands on experience  depending on your experience and aptitude.  Typical duties might include attending production meetings, dealing with props, running rehearsals, notating blocking, and working backstage during performances.

Intern Assistant Producer (July 22 or earlier to August 9)
The successful applicant will assist Producer Marja Ernst in scheduling, attending production meetings, working with participants, keeping financial records, updating the website, overseeing the guest blogging program and other activities based on experience and aptitude.

Intern Assistant Publicist (July 1 to August 9)
This can be an entirely distance position, or a distance position from July 1 to July 22, and an onsite position from July 22 to August 9.  You will assist Producer and Administrator Marja Ernst in contacting media outlets, arranging interviews, distributing promotional materials, updating our website, blogging, and various other publicity related tasks based on experience and aptitude.  You ideally have either a strong interest or training in publicity for arts related events.  This position would require approximately 10 hours per week leading up to the workshop, and can be combined with the assistant producer position during the workshop if desired.

All interns and assistants may attend all HSOW events for free — acting classes, masterclasses, rehearsals (as your schedule allows) and all performances.

These are non-paying positions, but we give really good references and we’re a positive and supportive group of people to work with.

Any questions?  Feel free to ask Nina or Marja!

To complete the online form, you’ll need the name, email address and phone numbers of three references, plus your cv or resume  and a covering letter explaining why you want to intern with HSOW (these latter two documents can be in .doc, .pdf or .rtf formats).  You’ll upload them right on the form.

Application Form for Internships

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