Sondheim’s A Little Night Music added to HSOW’s 2013 lineup

Because we’ve had to put off our productions of City Workers in Love for a year, we’ve made some replacements for the programs of both the Halifax Summer Opera Festival and Workshop and the Yorkshire Opera Workshop.

We’re thrilled to announce that the third show for HSOW will now be Stephen Sondheim’s A Little Night Music. This will replace City Workers in Love and Seven Deadly Sins.  We’ve long wanted to offer a musical theatre piece as part of the workshop, and this will let us explore that repertoire.  Look for special workshops and masterclasses focusing on musical theatre repertoire and skills, including Andrew Pelrine’s Waltzing 101 🙂 Sondheim is a great cross-over composer whose work I think should be studied by both classical and musical theatre singers.

The repertoire forfor YOW will now be Dido and Aeneas and Mushroom Pizza.

You can find more information about these shows on the websites:

We’ve updated the application form.


If you’ve already filled in the form for one or both of the workshops, we will automatically consider you for one of these roles, depending on the workshop you’ve chosen.

If you’re auditioning in person, you’ll have a chance to fill in another form at the audition where you can indicate your role preferences: you don’t need to contact us.

If you’re sending in a distance application, we’ve extended the deadline to November 10 (for postmarked auditions) and November 30 (for uploaded digital auditions).  If you want to indicate a strong preference from the new repertoire, please feel free to email us or upload a covering letter.  We’ll make sure it gets put with the rest of your package.

If the only shows you were interested in were City Workers in Love or Seven Deadly Sins, then please contact us, and withdraw your application. We’ll refund your fee.

I hope that if you have a serious interest in exploring musical theatre that you’ll consider HSOW 2013!Sincerely,

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