The 2015 Halifax Summer Opera Festival Featured Performer: mezzo Migle Zaliukaite

Artist Name: Migle Zaliukaite
Voice type: mezzo soprano
Role you’re singing this year: Madame de la Haltiere in  Cendrillon

Where are you from? How did you first get interested in opera or musical theatre? 

Originally I am from Lithuania, but currently I live in Rochester, upstate New York. 
My musical career started really early, by the age of four I started music school back in Lithuania. I had passion for singing from the very first ensemble rehearsal.Later on summer trips abroad with chorus Liepaites and small solos made my realize that this is what I want to do in my life.

When did you start studying voice? Where are you studying now?

I started music studies in Lithuania, when I was four. Currently I study at the Eastman School of music under the guidance of Katherine Ciesinski with extensive vocal coachings in Boston.

What came first for you, theatre or music?

My family was always enjoying a god performance, so as a child I had many opportunities to hear great operas, as well as see great plays. I would not be able to tell, what was the first thing.

What are your dream roles?

As I am currently preparing 5 arias for the MET council auditions, my dream would be to have an opportunity to sing full roles of every single opera: Erica from Vanessa, Charlotte from Werther, Polina from The Queen of Spades, Azucena from Il trovatore and finally La Cieca from La Gioconda.

 What arias, songs or entire roles belonging to other voice types would you like to perform?

I am a very true dramatic mezzo and I love all the mezzo roles. There are so many fantastic roles, that I even never thought about singing a soprano line! ( a true mezzo answer) 🙂

Who are your favourite performing artists?

Katherine Ciesinski, Dolora Zajick, Stephanie Blythe.

How can we keep opera a relevant art form for young people? What is the future of opera?

I think as long as we have motivated singers who are singing their hearts out , at the same time keeping high level of performance, opera will stay forever.

What are you most looking forward to about this summer?

Meeting new friends and future colleagues, developing new singing skills. And I am super excited about costumes !!!!!

Thanks, Migle! Are you a participant or staff member this year? Why not submit your own answers to our questionnaire!

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