Second round of applications welcomed for Halifax Summer Opera Festival 2015

The Halifax Summer Opera Festival is inviting a second round of applications for roles in its eleventh season in 2015.

The roles outstanding are:
Mrs Gleaton – Susannah
La fée – Cendrillon
First Spirit – Cendrillon
Salvation Army Girl #1/Nursemaid #1 – Street Scene
Greta Fiorentino – Street Scene
Jenny Hildebrand – Street Scene
Mrs McLean – Susannah
Fifth Spirit – Cendrillon
Sixth Spirit – Cendrillon
Olga Olsen – Street Scene
Salvation Army Girl #2/Nursemaid #2 – Street Scene
Jennie Hildebrand – Street SceneTENOR
Little Bat – Susannah
Elder Gleaton – Susannah
Elder Hayes – Susannah
Le Doyen de la Faculte – Cendrillon
Sam Kaplan – Street Scene
Lippo Fiorentino – Street Scene
Elder McLean – Susannah
Pandolfe – Cendrillon
Le Roi – Cendrillon
Le Surintendant des plaisirs – Cendrillon
Le Premiere Ministre – Cendrillon
George Jones – Street Scene
Dick McGann – Street Scene
Harry Easter – Street Scene
Abraham Kaplan – Street Scene
Henry Davis – Street Scene

Elder Ott – Susannah
Frank Maurrant – Street Scene
Carl Olsen – Street Scene

For more information, please see
To apply please use the application form at
Any questions? Please email Administrator Chris Pelrine at
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